A curious human being obsessed with the craft, who has found a career as an Art Director and Executive Creative Director. I'm a believer in the fight, in making it personal and keeping it simple. 
I am genuinely grateful for working with so many talented people over the years and making something I believe in and love to do: crafting engaging experiences and solving problems through a people-centred approach represented in beautiful forms. 
I started my career as an illustrator, animator, and mural painter for multiple agencies. In 2004, I opened my own Guerrilla Marketing Agency and became one of Brazil's pioneers on that topic. After four successful years, the agency was sold to an advertising agency, amplifying the agency's capabilities. 
In 2009 I decided to venture in a new direction and open a design studio that would master the craft of design and focus on B to B and B to C, working for industries worldwide renowned such as Johnson & Johnson (Brazil, US and Colombia), Nestlé (Brazil), Embraer S. A. (Brazil), BASF (Brazil and Latin America) and AkzoNobel (Brazil, Argentina, US, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Uruguay). 
Canada became home in 2014 when I started freelancing as an Art Director for multiple agencies. By 2016 I settled down at DDB; working with data-driven smart delivery campaigns, I conquered my way to Creative Director and led teams on a wide range of projects. I remain highly hands-on, being actively involved in pixel-level detail every day. I seek creative excellence at every touchpoint, and I fight for work that directs brands into unique places. 
In 2019 I was selected as 1 of 50 DDB's high potential employees from a network of 54 offices in 19 countries and over 3,400 people. The DDBLab aims to recognize, train and reward top talent for future leadership positions. I have served as a jury member at the CMA, ECHO, The Marketing Awards and Webby Awards. During these six years, the TrackDDB department experienced its most award-winning period with projects I am glad to have guided and participated in.
Awards in the past five years:
New York Festival AME Awards
1 Bronze
1 Silver and 1 Bronze
4 Gold and 1 Bronze
1 Gold and 6 Silver 
2 Bronze and 1 shortlist
Applied Arts Mag
1 Gold
Shopper Innovation Awards
1 Gold
Among others.