Johnson & Johnson – The Advertising Agency’s Board Game

about this project

The agency’s board game was an interactive and entertaining presentation created to show the workings of an advertising agency to the Communication Committee of Johnson & Johnson, Brazil site, which had approximately 100 professionals with various backgrounds and not from an advertizing/communication scope.
The event began with a humorous presentation about the departments inside an advertizing agency. Following, the professionals were invited to play in a giant board game intended to have people as game pieces. The event took place in the following way: as pieces in the game, employees walked through the steps that presented the work of different departments. When they made a stop, they had to interpret some situations with the help of actors – such as: “The client encountered an error in the text of a brochure that you have produced. Go back two steps!”. Employees who performed the tasks correctly would advance a step towards the end of the game.
All professionals played with good humor and said that the event helped them to better understand the work done inside an advertising agency, facilitating actions and making interactions between the teams easier and more efficient.

The Advertising Agency’s Board Game won 1st place for Best Event at “Lettering Magazine Award” in 2012.