Johnson & Johnson – Seeds of Tomorrow

about this project

The client initially had identified issues in the hiring process for some areas of the company which made it challenging to fill some of the full-time job positions. On the other hand, Johnson & Johnson had an internship program with potential to generate the talent for such openings, but only targeting other areas of the company. Under those circumstances, an internal campaign and event were created with the purpose of celebrating the Internship Program, recognizing its importance and emphasizing the work that these professionals did throughout the program. Now with a system in place, the graduating interns had the opportunity to present their work and be noticed by hiring manager across all departments in the organization.

From its conception to completion, I developed the event and it’s advertising campaign. Based on the law of the harvest using an analogy that tomorrow’s success depends on the seeds planted today, the name of the event was defined as Seeds of Tomorrow.

For the invitations I used a special paper made out of live seeds that could be planted by the recipient. The website had a countdown to the event date and presented the interns resumes with information about the work they had done for Johnson & Johnson. Additionally, I designed a booklet for all guests, containing some basic information on all interns using the same sequence they would be presented at the event; The final gift was a key chain plant.

The outcome of this campaign was very positive, as 98% of guests that attended the event hired interns for open positions within the organization.