Johnson & Johnson – 1 HR

about this project

With over 5000 employees distributed in 7 industries, Johnson & Johnson’s Brasil, Sao Jose dos Campos site, had a very complex structure with individualized HR departments. The year of 2012 came with big initiatives and changes for the whole company that would unify processes and create synergy. To communicate the fusion of all HR departments, a new branding and a B2B marketing campaign were developed. Within this project, I designed the HR brand identity and created a relaxed and motivating concept for the event that would reveal the project. Along with this new identity and choosing the ideal venue for the event, I developed inspiring and delightful activities throughout the event such as: yoga group session at a belvedere, relaxing baths and invigorating massages that were followed with many mementos for participants to take home. All communication had inspirational messages such as: “Open your mind to new experiences. That is the way to new perspectives and opportunities.”