about this project

The challenge of this job was to show the work of the chef, conceptualize it in the market and to illustrate the diversity of dishes and custom services.

Renato Salgado is a renowned chef experienced in various countries. As he identified the demand for various services in the Vale do Paraíba region, the chef began his unique line of work doing private dinners, designed to promote his talents to a selected public and founded his catering business.

The logo was created to represent the handwritten signature of the Chef in his dishes. Along with the visual identity, an advertising campaign was deployed. For the holidays, printed artwork aimed to thank his  15.000 loyal customers and wish them well. Another email marketing crafted for the Team Renato Salgado introduced the “Chef at Home” program; these small events which took place at the customer’s residence promoted an intimate and entertaining environment which was interactive with the guests. Each e-mail communication focused on a different dish (crepe, risotto, pasta and meat), and was also adapted for social media.