about this project

The client initially had an incoherent communication scheme: three different brands and two mascots, which diminished the image of their products and services. After analyzing their target market, a new identity and supporting materials with attractive colors and shapes were created.

Along with this new identity were developed: uniforms, branding, menus, photos of products, digital media, tray liners, packaging, basic stationery and website. The tray liners, as an example, were now designed to be interactive. Additionally, I implemented changes to the food packaging to better accommodate the product, and to lower paper costs and food wasted.

With the new identity in place, Toasted Potato experienced a 30% increase in sales in the first two months as a direct result of this implementation, and soon after entered an expansion phase to multiple locations.

The work that was completed for Toasted Potato won 3rd place for Best Packaging Design at “Lettering Magazine Award” in 2012.